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Posted on Friday, November 2, 2007 by Owen Heitmann

Well, itís the end of another week Ė and also the end of Basic Wage Kids, for the time being at least.

I havenít foreshadowed this ending or promoted it, because Ė truth be told Ė it was an abrupt decision I only made late on Wednesday night. In fact, I have the next eight strips written and pencilled, although they will remain unfinished and unseen at this stage. I would like to return to Basic Wage Kids at some point in the future (probably on a less frequent update schedule), since it would be nice to reach a tally of 500 comics (including guest strips), but I donít know for sure if that will happen. If not, 416 is still a sizeable achievement as far as Iím concerned.

When I started Basic Wage Kids 18 months ago I believed that I could make a living wage from it. However, simply creating the comic became the equivalent of a full time job Ė promoting the website and ďmonetisingĒ the comic is another full time job in itself. And I donít have enough hours in the week to do two full time jobs. Consequently, while Iím happy with my work on the comic and pleased that people have been reading it, readership has never reached a sustainable level (or anywhere near what I felt the strip deserved). And my inability to find time to devote to creating merchandise ensured any income was minimal. Itís time to try something new, even if I donít know what that is yet.

So thatís all, folks. If you have enjoyed Basic Wage Kids, it would be nice if youíd send me an email. Thanks for visiting!

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