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Posted on Tuesday, April 4, 2006 by Owen Heitmann

Hey there! Here's the second Basic Wage Kids comic.

I went to see The Bouncing Souls play at Adelaide Unibar last night, supported by The Jerks and The Disables. It was The Jerks' second-to-last show in the state before their drummer Al-x goes on holiday for an indefinite period of time, so I was especially excited to see them, and they did not disappoint. The Disables were even better than when I saw them support Against Me!, and I'm thinking I really should probably get some of their CDs.

It's over two years since The Bouncing Souls last came to town, but they were worth the wait. They kicked off with Hopeless Romantic (my theme song) and the night got better from there. I ended up with blistered feet, a bruised arm and a fat lip - and that was possibly just from the sheer amount of rock on display. The absolute highlight, however, would have to have been when they played True Believers, a song that The Jerks occasionally cover live, and those boys got to get up on stage and join in on the microphones. Yes. A very good night.

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